Trendboek DDW 2014

Hierbij presenteren we met trots ons trendboek, van de trends die wij gespot hebben op de Dutch Design Week 2014

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-19 om 14.10.13



Trendtour trends

English translation

Emotional Technology

This trend is about the connection between our emotions and technology. Where we used to be afraid of artifical intelligence we now see that our mindset has changed. We now see the advantages of the use of technology how it can really improve our Quality of Life.

The trend can be described in the following keywords: connection, feeling, humanization
During our trendtour we will show you several designers who have developed products around emotional technology


Nowadays we are surrounded by stimuli: for example buzzing phones, information overload or air pollution. Stimuless is a trend that shows a growing need for products or surroundings that take away present stimuli. By taking away those distractions we create clear spaces for balance and focus.

The trend can be described in the following keywords: Focus, balance and stimuli free.


With the following trend we look at function from a different approach. With reviewing function we’re seeing different and new production development, design processes and material use.
Due through the consumers society we realize that we need to change our vision about producing products or materials. A new way of looking and thinking, gives us new possibilities in production an designing.

The trend can be described in the following keywords: function free, process and awareness

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