Seen at Veemgebouw | Urban AirQ


How healthy is the air that we are inhaling? And who controls this? Two streets in Amsterdam: the ‘Valkenburgerstraat’ and the ‘Weesperstraat’, are reported to have one of the filthiest air quality in the city.

Urban AirQ, that’s the name of this new product, doesn’t want to leave it at this. They want to give the people in the neighbourhood the opportunity to measure their own air quality through sensors and their smartphone. The Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab organises a special pilot for the neighbours to measure the air quality in their own neighbourhood. During this pilot, there will also be experts available to exchange information with.

Instead of being only dependable on the government to help create a healthy environment, Urban AirQ helps people to put back the control in their own hands. To create a better air quality we can collaborate with our neighbours and with experts. Urban AirQ fits into the trend ‘Wecontrol’, because together we are able to be self-sufficient and independent.

Urban AirQ was visible in the ‘Veem building’ on the 9th floor, near Strijp-S.

For more information about this project, click here. 

Written by: Dora Canwood


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