Marie Maissonneveut

IMG_9003.JPGMarie’s collection is a reflection of her journey at the Royal College of Art. She started by looking at the relationship between body and garment and the way movement creates a language. She extended her study and added the focus on the geographical movement. She wondered what it was like to be a modern nomadic citizen and what their wants and needs are.

She translated it as an open-minded person, who has strong faith in the future and humanity and working towards a society without any boundaries. With the outfit she made, she wanted to protect the urban nomad. She created multi-layers as space for personal belief and opinion. Marie metaphorically calls the used knitwear: “self-indulgent armor”.

This creation by Marie Maissonneveut combines movement, surrounding space, body and garment. This equips the urban nomad trough the city. It is an adaptable piece and that’s why it’s a great example of the trend Flexurbinity, which is all about adaptability, efficiency, and freedom.

Written by Leonore Pelkmans

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