Password Protection: How Safe is it?

Every day we use passwords to access our bank accounts, email and social media. Technologization has ensured that our personal data is wide out in the open. Because the world we live in today is becoming more and more interconnected, we have to be more secure about our passwords. But how secure are our passwords? How should we save and create them, in order to be save? This is exactly where ‘Password Rituals’, a project of the designer Octivia van Horik, is about.


Project ‘Password Rituals’ is a great example of the trend Stringed Society. This trend is all about the everlasting battle that people nowadays experience between losing and maintaining control over their personal data. Within her project, Van Horik shows us a new way of creating and saving highly strong passwords. The project contains several rituals. The first ritual consists of being initiated into ‘The Password Club’. During this ritual an encrypted eye lens will be administered into the eye’s participant. The second ritual consists of making a highly secure password of ten random digits such as letters and symbols. Finally, the third ritual consists of encrypting the generated password into the participant’s nails.


This new way of creating unique, highly strong passwords gives people the opportunity to retake control over their personal data. The new passwords make it hard for other people to get any insight in this person’s data. Because of this, the project of Van Hornik perfectly fits to the trend Stringed Society. Now I have seen this amazing way of creating a password, I also want my own, unique one to be created. You too?


Written by Lotte van Oosterhout

Location of this project: Microlab, Strijp-S Eindhoven

Website designer:


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