Seen at Kazerne | FATBERG


The trend Aversive Aesthetics is about using the lure of aversion to provide a platform for ethical issues. During our Coolhunting trip to Kazerne we came across a very interesting project called FATBERG by Arne Hendriks + Mike Thompson. They want to build a floating island of fat to help us overcome the challenges posed by current societies.

In our society fat is known to be an undesirable thing, but in fact it is very useful. “Fat performs a unique and vital function as an energy reserve, stored within the body for times of scarcity.” So why don’t we like it?

The Netherlands is famous for creating land where previously there was no land. Arne Hendriks and Mike Thompson are now trying to use fat to create something that is very desired: land in Amsterdam. A beautiful piece of floating land, the FATBERG. It fits the trend Aversive Aesthetics because the result is beautiful despite the fact that fat as a raw product is just plain aversive.

Written by Robin Erkamp.

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