Seen at Sectie-C | Personal Library.

At the Sectie-C location from the Dutch Design Week the trend Forever Lasting was found. Humans have distinctive features and emotions that can be used to evoke empathy and affection. The brain manages these emotions and features. For each person, it’s different, and that’s what makes you unique. But what would it be like if you were able to look into your own brain?

Each person is made of experiences and memories. They are what define and differentiate us from others. The Personal Library is a chair-like object, created by Nacho Carbonell, representing your brain. These boxes represent the ideas we have, the experiences we’ve been through and the memories we’ve made. Each year this Personal Library grows, just like us. By taking a seat, we find ourselves at the centre of who we are, like an introspective trip. It’s a way to look at your brain and realise what you have been through and what you have achieved in your life till this moment. Each year the chair grows and evolves, new colours shine and more boxes appear. It’s just like us, we grow and evolve every year too. We are also a work-in-progress, just like the chair.

This chair is a great example of the trend Forever Lasting due to the fact that the chair is a visual presentation of your brain, your memories and experiences. It becomes in a way more human and it’s a unique representation of each person, because everyone is unique.

Written by Maartje Siemensma


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