Beautiful little creatures

img_9399Jopie Biesters has created beautiful creatures made out of dead and discarded animals, such as road kill and general waste. These animals are generally associated with disgust, being overlooked or destroyed or used for consumption. Especially these animals have Jopie’s interest.

She makes these ‘overlooked’ animals into something beautiful, to show that they do have meaning. She cares for the animals and treats them with respect and care, being transformed into funny looking, pretty art objects with a human touch. Because of this, it is a great example of the trend aversive aesthetics.

Aversive aesthetics is about using the lure of disgust to provide a platform for ethical issues. Biesters aims to grow our compassion, she wants us to embrace living creatures and nature. Her message is that we are all part of the universe.

Written by Leonore Pelkmans

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