Seen at Sectie-C | Bakkie Bacterie

A cup of coffee is normal for most people. A cup of bacteria is something entirety else. The lure of disgust is used to awaken the discussion about how useful bacteria can be in the human body. This is a good example of the trend Aversive Aesthetics. Our intestines are more important than we think. In the gastrointestinal tract, the intestinal flora is located which supports the digestion. These micro-organisms consists of bacteria, molds and yeasts. But is there a way that these micro-organisms can be useful for our own body and how do we use them?

At Sectie-C designer Noortje Kuijpers made a speculative design based on micro-organisms. What she wants with this design is to show the academic facts about the way bacteria work in the intestines. Recently research shows that healthy poo can be used as a medicine for patients with a bowel disease. A Cup of Bacteria (Bakkie Bacterie) is a way of making a cup of coffee where you are able to manipulate your own intestinal flora in a positive way.

A Cup of Bacteria (Bakkie Bacterie) is a good example of the trend Aversive Aesthetics because of the way disgust is used. Who drinks their own bacteria? The bacteria of every human are unique and they can be used to solve diseases in the stomach whereby the bacteria gets something beautiful. The design is presented in an attractive way that makes you want to look at it even longer.

Written by Wesley van Zeben


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