Seen at the Design Academy | Inside Out

We already value the milk, meat, skin, heart and tongue of a cow. But what about the animals’ intestines? In the project called ‘Inside Out’ designer Kathrine Barbro Bendixen shows how we could make use of these unused and unloved innards.

The project ‘Inside Out’ perfectly fits to the trend Aversive Aesthetics, which is about using the lure of disgust to provide a platform for ethical issues. ‘Inside Out’ is a lamp that comprises 50 metres of cleaned, inflated intestines from a cow and is especially designed for sustainable restaurants.

Normally, without acknowledging this, intestines are part of our dishes. When we recognise these inner organs in the shape of a lamp, it attracts our attention. If we take a closer look at this object, feelings of aversion and disgust arise. Within the project of Kathrine Barbo Bendixen, these innards are used into a usable and aesthetic product. That is why this project fits with the trend Aversive Aesthetics. I am very curious how people will react when they encounter this lamp when enjoying their dinner!

Written by Lotte van Oosterhout.

Location of this project: The Design Academy (De Witte Dame), Eindhoven.



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