The Supplant

Designer: Iiris Sointu
Trend: Supermanification
Written by: Carien Scheepens

We already have a digestive system and for most people, this one works just fine, but what if you could change this to a perfect one. Designer Iiris Sointu came up with a new digestive system as a fantasy science project, which is called the Supplant.

Technology is advancing beyond our imagination, the Supplant by Iiris Sointu is a perfect example of such technology. We do not use technology only to solve medical issues but also to perfect the body.  The Supplant is an alternative digestive system which comes with an app; you can control your nutrient intake, get notifications about your digestive system and you can choose your doctor. In this way, people are able to control their own body like a superhuman.

The Supplant fits the trend Supermanification because it shows the shift in technology from solving medical issues to perfecting the body. The Supplant is one of these new technologies. Even more important, you can control your body in a new way. Iris wants to question the change in technology but also the people’s need to be in control. Why do you want to have a super digestive system and why do you want to control it? If everyone has this in their body they could have a perfect diet and never have medical issues with their digestive system, which changes them in some kind of superhuman.

You can find the Supplant at the exhibition Manifestations; Veemgebouw.

Photos: Iiris Sointu

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