The emotion whisperer

Designer: Simon Dogger
Trend: Digital Empathy
Written by: Isa Bosmans
Location: Witte Dame, Graduation Show

Facial expressions reveal a lot about someone’s feelings during communicating with other people. But what if you are visually impaired? The ‘emotion whisperer’ is a project designed to create a more meaningful way of communicating between blind people and people who are able to see.

The emotion whisperer is a design that consists of three different products. First of all, a pair of glasses captures the showed facial expressions of the other person and streams it to the smartphone of the user. But how? This device contains an integrated wireless camera.

With the help of an emotion recognition app, the software analyzes the intensity level of the showed emotions. These insights will be translated into a sensory vibration signal produced by a small device. Because you held this device in the palm of your hand the user is able to feel this vibration. With the help of this device, visually impaired people are able to exactly feel the emotions of the person they are talking to. The goal of the designer was to add more value to communication and exactly create meaningful conversations.

The emotion whisper fits within the trend Digital Empathy because it shows a change in design where technology can recognize and improve the mood of a person by recognizing and analyzing emotions. Because visually impaired people are able to feel the emotions of their discussion partner their mood will improve.
If you want to know the user’s experience, go check out this >> video <<.


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