(www.what-are-you-afraid-of.com. , 2017)

Created by: Carla Zimmerman
Trend: Disaster Independency
Written by: Michelle Hermans
Location: Design Academy, Witte Dame

Do you know what you are afraid of? Are you afraid of fires, or maybe floods? Your personal fears say a lot about your personality and about our modern society, which is increasingly defined by anxiety and paranoia for disasters.

Carla Zimmerman designed this fictional online concept store called ‘What are you afraid of?’, which is the perfect example for Disaster Independency. The webshop contains products like a luxurious survival kit for four people, an earthquake-proof table, and an SOS parachute. It helps people discover their fears in matters of natural disasters with the use of a color-coded system for the products. The products help during a disaster and help manage their impact and aftermath. You can choose products that fit your anxiety and helps you feel prepared. Green marked products help people feel safer. The products with a red mark are making people aware of the danger and will likely make people feel stressed.

The website contains products that help people being self-sufficient whenever disaster strikes. It has different categories, for all kinds of natural disasters like tsunamis, fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The store is based on Carla’s research focussed on how design contributes to a growing ‘disaster paranoia’. An example of a medical term that describes the permanent and increasing fear of fire: ‘pryrophobia’. People with pyrophobia are afraid for any kind of fire, even harmless ones such as lighters. The products in the fire category are likely to stress people with pyrophobia, as they are a reminder of possible fires in their daily lives.

The ‘What are you afraid of’ webshop is now only fictional, but the products could help people being self-sufficient as quickly as possible in case of a natural disaster. It connects to the trend Disaster Independency because it makes people aware of their fears and natural disasters and helps people feel safe and prepared.

Take a look at the website here: www.what-are-you-afraid-of.com. 

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  1. In rijke landen heeft men hiervoor wel geld te besteden. In arme landen echter veel minder en daar is het wel het meest noodzakelijk omdat de blootstelling veel groter is. Hoe zou deze tegenstrijdigheid mogelijkerwijs opgelost kunnen worden vraag ik mij af.


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