Organ Design

Creator: Humbot
Trend: Nature’s apprentice / Supermanification
Written by: Ilona Zeebregts
Location: MediaMarkt – Next Nature Network


Two of the five trends we have spotted in society are Nature’s Apprentice and Supermanification. Nature’s Apprentice is about learning from mother nature and not damaging her. Supermanification is about healing the tension between the body and make the body more beautiful. The boundary between the necessity and the bias disappears slowly. This trend raises the ethical question, what if a robot arm can be more and better than my own arm? To what extent is it ethically responsible that I get rid of my own arm to replace it with a robot arm. In the profession ‘Organ Design’, this ethical boundary is exceeded in a sustainable way.

In the future, it might mean we can add organs to our body. Instead of just replacing the broken organs. For example, we may communicate with dolphins over a number of years because we can print their communication organs and implement them in ourselves.


A future job could be organ designer. The printing of organs is getting closer to reality and now it is even so close that it may be possible to call it a profession in the future. An organ designer looks at the organs of humans and animals and transforms them into an algorithm. From this algorithm, the organs can be printed 3d while retaining the same functions as the original organs.

This new type of job also belongs to a new suitable employment agency. Humbot is an agency that brings man and robot together. They explore the new professions in which a human and robot collaborate. In the exhibition in the MediaMarkt – Next Nature Network, they show future jobs in which a human and robot collaborate.

Are you curious about which human-robotic job fits you? Then do the test at 



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