Anima Factura

Created by: iArts Maastricht
Trend: Supermanification and Nature’s Apprentice
Written by: Madelon van Driel
Location: Veemgebouw, Strijp-S


What do already existing organisms have in store for our future? Can we use nature’s techniques to become real life superhumans? And if so, how? Both the trends Supermanification and Nature’s Apprentice fit this project, because the project is about both superpowers and nature’s techniques.

Anima Factura is a project that shows what superpowers existing organisms have. With the amazing skills of these organisms, Anima Factura wants to show the potential of redesigning our existing natural biological systems. They present it to the public via a video installation. This installation is made of nine screens that show abstract videos, that are metaphors for the superpowers. Each screen indicates a different sensational function.


But the ethical question is, why would we want to redesign our natural biological systems? That is what the trend Supermanification is about. With these superpowers, we can create our healthy superbodies that can live for far more years than our current bodies can.

ne of the organisms this project looked at, is the electric eel. It can create electricity and researchers see future potential to merge this technique with the human body. So if a superhuman will be made, he may be able to generate electricity on its own. Then again, we can ask ourselves if we really want this.


To know more about this interesting project, take a look at their website:

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