Created by: Guido de Croon & Chris Verhoeven, TU Delft
Trend: Nature’s Apprentice
Written by: Sanne Aalbers
Location: VDMA

The Delfly Explorer; a dragonfly inspired artificial robotic that can fly independently through the air without the management of a controlling system. It can circumnavigate obstacles, fly through unknown territory and communicate its collected information.

Evolutionairy robotics
The Delfly Explorer is part of a larger field of research: Evolutionairy robotics. This is a field of research that uses evolutionary calculations to generate robots that can adjust to their environment. A process in which the robotics will run parallel with natural evolution. The primary goal of evolutionary robotics is to develop intelligent, autonomous robots that do not require human coding or programming.

The Delfly Explorer
The Delfly Explorer is a combination between human influence (robotica) and copying the fly method from nature, in this case a dragonfly. As humans, flying is a difficult aspect. Of course we have airplanes, drones, and maybe kites with a camera on it, to observe unknown grounds from above. Unfortunately, most of these products can not find their way through narrow spaces without damaging their selves or their surroundings.

As the Delfly Explorer is developed by apprentice from a dragonfly: it has copied its way of flying and a dragonfly won’t hit anything would it. So in this way, nature would be spared and the robotic itself would not be harmed.

This product is an example of the trend Nature’s Apprentice, where we learn from aspects of nature and use it in our products without harming the source (nature).

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