Seen at Klokgebouw – Disaster Independency

The last few days we have given trendtours at het Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week. With a group of eight enthusiastic students we did a lot of research and we have spotted five trends. The trendtour consisted out of three of those trends from our trend book; Disaster Independency, Nature’s Apprentice and Digital Empathy. The tour gave concrete manifestations of the trends. 

Disaster Indepency is all about being self-sufficient in case of natural disasters, like tsunamis, volcano outbursts and hurricanes. Due to climate change natural disasters are occurring more often and are becoming increasingly violent. We no longer want to wait for our gouvernement to take action or having to wait for rescuing parties whenever disaster will strike. Consumers want to be prepared and are taking matters into their own hands by buying products and using services that help them to be self-sufficient before, during and afters a natural disaster.


Created by: Deborah Morrison

Deborah Morrison has designed this app that predicts natural disasters and prepares the user for its consequences. The app collects data and signals when a disaster is likely to happen. RU Climate Ready? is designed specifically for the conditions of the disaster, for example a hurricane or tsunami. It helps the user create a turnkey and customized survival kit, specific for the person, their location and the disaster. It also connects people in the same region. 


Created by: Iman Abdurrahman

Iman Abdurrahman designed this radio backpack, which is inspired by the many islands of Indonesia that have no or bad access to the internet and other digital technology. If a disaster occurs, such as a tsunami, the people will not be able to reach rescue brigades for a long time. The backpack is a solution for these problems. It is made from lightweight fire and water resistant material and it has mini solar panels. There is also a small radio that functions as a database which can predict natural disasters. The backpack helps you to be prepared in emergency situations and communicatie with, for example rescue teams or family members.

Created by: Peter Scheer

The Semilla Sanitation Hubs are self-sufficient units that make basic necessities accessible in for example disaster struck areas, refugee camps en off-grids areas. A unit is dropped in an area where these necessities are needed, so people can use a toilet and can wash themselves. The used water will be purified so it can be used again as safe drinking water, nutrients for growing food. Even urine, grey and black water can be purified. Designer and engineer Peter Scheer developed this concept with the philosofy that everyone should have access to water en hygienic sanitation. A relevant example for which the hub could be used perfectly, is St. Maarten, which was destroyed by hurricane Irma. The Semilla Hub would be a good sollution that would help people take matters into their own hands, without having to wait till resque-parties will arrive.

Click here for more info


Created by: Olivier van Nieuwmegen

The Quanti Fire is specially designed for firemen. It is a customized in-ear-piece with sensors that measure temperature and heartbeat. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and an app in which you have to answer some questions, the software gets to know the user. The goal is to protect firemen better in dangerous situations. The earpiece was designed to be lightweight, because firemen already carry a lot of gear. The Quanti Fire is now in a concept stadium and only for firemen, but in the future it can also be used in other industries. For example we can look at the ongoing fires in America, that are caused by drought due to climate change. We think that the Quanti Fire could be used by customers who want to be in control themselves.

If you have any questions about the trends or our studies, please leave a comment or contact us. We hope you enjoyed our tours and we hope to see you next year!


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