We Know How You Feel

(Noortje Knulst, 2017) Created by: Studio Nick Verstand (Nick Verstand, Salvador Breed, Naivi, Sophie de Krom) Commissioned by: VPRO Medialab Trend: Digital Empathy Written by: Teddy Kuijs Location: Design Perron Digital Empathy shows a new way of communication between humans and technology, where technology can understand the person’s mood and react to his or her feelings. VPRO Medialab and Studio… Read More We Know How You Feel

The emotion whisperer

Designer: Simon Dogger Trend: Digital Empathy Written by: Isa Bosmans Location: Witte Dame, Graduation Show Facial expressions reveal a lot about someone’s feelings during communicating with other people. But what if you are visually impaired? The ‘emotion whisperer’ is a project designed to create a more meaningful way of communicating between blind people and people… Read More The emotion whisperer


Designer: Stefanie Bonte Trend: Digital Empathy Written by: Julie Maas How can a cuddly thing improve your mood? Designer Stefanie Bonte came up with Numinous, an empathic ‘fluffy ball’, that helps burn-out patients gain insight in their stress levels. Stefanie’s goal is to make invisible stress related symptoms visible, for both patients and medical specialists.… Read More Numinous