Seen at Klokgebouw – Nature’s Apprentice

The last few days we have given trendtours at het Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week. With a group of eight enthusiastic students we did a lot of research and we have spotted five trends. The trendtour consisted out of three of those trends from our trend book; Disaster Independency, Nature’s Apprentice and Digital Empathy. The tour… Read More Seen at Klokgebouw – Nature’s Apprentice


Created by: Guido de Croon & Chris Verhoeven, TU Delft Trend: Nature’s Apprentice Written by: Sanne Aalbers Location: VDMA The Delfly Explorer; a dragonfly inspired artificial robotic that can fly independently through the air without the management of a controlling system. It can circumnavigate obstacles, fly through unknown territory and communicate its collected information. Evolutionairy… Read More DELFLY EXPLORER

Anima Factura

Created by: iArts Maastricht Trend: Supermanification and Nature’s Apprentice Written by: Madelon van Driel Location: Veemgebouw, Strijp-S   What do already existing organisms have in store for our future? Can we use nature’s techniques to become real life superhumans? And if so, how? Both the trends Supermanification and Nature’s Apprentice fit this project, because the… Read More Anima Factura

Organ Design

Creator: Humbot Trend: Nature’s apprentice / Supermanification Written by: Ilona Zeebregts Location: MediaMarkt – Next Nature Network   Two of the five trends we have spotted in society are Nature’s Apprentice and Supermanification. Nature’s Apprentice is about learning from mother nature and not damaging her. Supermanification is about healing the tension between the body and… Read More Organ Design